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Congressman Palazzo speaks to Honors Institute

April 23, the Charles Pickering Honors Institute hosted District 4 Representative, Steven Palazzo, to speak as the final installation of their spring speaker series. Palazzo said that it felt like coming home to be back in the free state of Jones.

“The 4th district is a great place to learn, to live, to raise a family, or to start a career,” said Palazzo. “There is a lot of opportunity right here at home.”

Palazzo also mentioned how he accepts positions on committees such as commerce, armed services and homeland security based on what would benefit the fourth district the most. During a question and answer session, the congressman answered questions regarding tax reform, government spending and aerospace regulations.

In the end, Palazzo encouraged students that, “through hard work, determination and a little bit of luck we can accomplish anything we want.”

by Makayla Puckett 

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