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Forrest General invites Jones students to stop the bleeding

Forrest General Hospital visited the Advanced Technology Center on Feb. 25 to present the Stop the Bleeding Campaign to the JC nursing department, as well as a few other students and faculty.

The presentation had a great turnout, with the majority of Jones nursing students showing up.  Third year Jones students Konika Page and Nicole Knight came early for the event and expressed their excitement for the campaign and for their first year in the nursing program.

“I expect to stop the bleeding in different situations and take these skills in my nursing career,” said Page.

Knight said, “I’m here to learn how to take care of bleeding in emergency situations.”

Luckily, the presentation centered on doing these exact things for Page and Knight as well as all other attendees.

The presentation, headed by Melanie Nunnally, Nurse Manager for trauma services; Brandi Scott, RN and Performance Improvement Coordinator; Jessica Davenport, RN and PIC; Monica McCullin, Trauma Registrar; and Dr. Donald Duncan, keynote speaker and Trauma Surgeon.

Dr. Duncan presented a PowerPoint dictating the importance of stopping life-threatening bleeding and the techniques associated with it.  Dr. Duncan introduced the ABC’s of bleeding.

Dr. Duncan said that the main goal was for participants “to be comfortable with knowledge of how to control bleeding at the scene of an injury.”

“We want everyone to feel comfortable with how to apply a tourniquet and stop bleeding, and we want everybody, medical related or not, in the community to learn these techniques,” said Dr. Duncan.

The Stop the Bleeding Program is offered regularly at Forrest General, and last week’s presentation marked the second time it has been presented at Jones College.  Tonight, March 4, 2018, there will be another program in the Forrest General Hospital cafeteria meeting rooms.  To register, one must call (601) 288-4445 or visit www.forrestgeneral.com/stopthebleed.  The event is free for all who attend and offers very valuable information, skills and experience.

by Alyssa Pearce

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