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Jones students host Bloom Bible study

Bloom is designed to be an open Bible study and nonjudgmental place to chat with fellow students. Reagan Todd, Jones freshman, and Lakelyn Bohannon, Jones sophomore, organize the meetings.  Bloom takes place in the third-floor lobby of Anderson Hall at 8 p.m. every Tuesday night.

The group talks all things college including the good, bad and the ugly. The focus of Bloom is to overcome any obstacle and celebrate any success with God in the middle.

Holly Smith, Jones freshman and member of Bloom, said, “It can be so hard to navigate through college alone but knowing you have your sisters in Christ to help pick you up, dust you off and hold your hand along the way seriously helps!”

The organizers said all denominations are welcome to participate as well as any female Jones student who has questions about faith and God. They said they hope Bloom brings unity to the campus and serves as a lighthouse for those who need it.

by Madilyn Poolson

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