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Jones to begin new class schedule format in Fall 2022

When planning classes for the fall semester of 2022, students should have noticed their schedules will look different from this semester. 

The administration decided to switch things up for the upcoming semester by changing the current five-day week into a four-day week with Wednesdays off. This new scheduling format will have corresponding classes on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday.

Some students may be concerned about the schedule’s longer but less frequent class periods and the requirement to complete more work outside of class. 

“Even though it may be a little scary for some, I appeal to all of us to give the new schedule a chance,” Chief Financial Officer and Chief Academic Officer Rick Youngblood said. “Students were always at the center of our deliberations.”

According to Youngblood, there are many benefits to not holding classes one day during the week. Eliminating instructional time on Wednesday will give professors a chance to get on a more personal basis with students compared to previous semesters. Having Wednesday off will also allow professors more time to recruit students for upcoming semesters. 

Instructors are not the only ones who could benefit from the new schedule. No class on Wednesdays means students won’t have to commute to Jones one weekday each week, saving students money since they won’t have to use as much gas. Students will also have an additional day in which they can complete assignments. Another bonus is that students will have a whole day in which they can work if they have a job. According to Youngblood, Wednesdays will also be a time for Student Affairs to plan more student activities that won’t conflict with students’ schedules.  Also, a lunch hour has been added to the schedule, so students won’t have to worry about finding time to grab lunch. 

Some students have mixed feelings about the new schedule, sharing their thoughts on social media and with friends, but those returning in the fall are prepared to try it out.

“Even though I wish the off day were on Friday so that students could have a three-day weekend, I am trying to stay optimistic to the change and hope that everyone else does the same,” said freshman Tristan Montague.

Even though the new schedule may be scary to some, Youngblood asks that everyone keep an open mind to the change saying, “Some people like change and embrace new ideas; some are averse to change. When I consider the endless possibilities that Wednesdays can bring, I am excited thinking about the positive impact.”

by Bryce Dupree

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