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Several campus police served in military

November 11 is a day dedicated to honoring those who risked their lives to protect the freedom of all Americans and that of Democracy around the world. Americans should never take for granted the sacrifice that service members willingly give when they choose to join the military. 

At Jones College, six out of eight of the campus police are former service members. Chief Stan Livingston and officers Josh King, Eric Newberry, Josh Welch, Gene Head and Tony Hales are veterans. Chief Livingston remarked that he feels more comfortable on campus, knowing that so many of the officers are veterans. 

Officer King, a former marine, said that being in the military taught him many things such as respect, punctuality, and how to take care of himself. King said that anyone that chooses to join the military should always go with the mindset to learn. 

When people hear of making a sacrifice in terms of service, they often think of injury. While injuries during combat are a risk, there are many other sacrifices America’s veterans have to make, such as seeing their family, leaving their homes and other situations people unfamiliar with the military may not realize. 

Officer Jamie Hopkins, who was enlisted in the army, said, “Before I enlisted, I never was away from home. Shipping off to boot camp was my first time being away from my family, and it was a shock, but I made it through.”

Chief Stan Livingston, who served in an elite force known as the 82nd Airborne Division and deployed in Operation Desert Storm, said, “I sacrificed, along with my family, to put our lives on hold to protect the freedom of all.”

Livingston said that if the nation needed him today, he has no doubt he would fight again, and he was then and still is willing to die for the freedom of others. He said that there is a verse that represents precisely how he feels about serving: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

by Bryce Dupree

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