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Starbucks to be built in Union

Jones College will offer a larger Starbucks in the Union next fall.

Currently, the coffee shops on Jones’ main campus are an express-level of Starbucks, meaning they have a limited menu, much like the campus Taco Bell. When the new Starbucks opens Fall 2021, it will offer more selections than the current campus coffee shops. 

Jones College partnered with SODEXO to bring this option to students. Although there are two other coffee shops on campus, the newer one will provide more student selection, like grab-and-go meals.  Billy Nash, General Manager, SODEXO campus services, said name-branded items gain students’ attention.   

“I’m excited,” said Nash. “They gave us so many choices. That’s what it’s about these days: choices and experiences.” 

SODEXO and Jones have been working together since 1974. In the latest contract, Jones requested Starbucks. 

“It was something the school wanted, and it was something our company offered,” said Nash. “We thought it was a great pairing.” 

Currently, the two coffee shops on campus are located by the library and inside Jones Hall. Because of COVID-19, the hours are limited at the coffee shop in the library from 8 a.m. – noon, and the one in Jones Hall has been closed due to the low number of students on campus. Nash said the new coffee shop will be open from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. 

Nash said the new Starbucks will be located on the wall opposite Taco Bell and offer a Starbucks storefront as well as comfortable seating indoors and a patio for outdoor seating. 

“It’s been a draw that we have a Taco Bell and Starbucks on Campus,” said Nash. “It’s just a great addition to Jones.”

Nash explained that in the past 14 years, there had been significant progress in campus dining options and locations. 

“It’s just amazing,” said Nash. “It’s for the students. That’s what makes me happy about it all, to see these options students have now than when I started. It kind of makes the college experience even better.”

by Marissa Bender

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