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Statewide student art competition held at Jones, winners announced

Art majors from two-year colleges in the state of Mississippi had their artwork showcased at Jones College during the Mississippi Community College Art Instructor Association’s Student Art Competition. 
The competition is held at a different two-year college each year. This year the  
competition was hosted at Jones in the Eula Bass Lewis Art Gallery located in the Visual Arts building. The event was held March 7 through April 1. 
There was a variety of mediums used in the students’ artwork. The categories
 showcased included drawing, painting/mixed media, 2-D design, 3-D design, digital/computer art, photography, printmaking and ceramics.   
“It’s just a showcase of what all the two-year colleges are doing in the field of Art,”  Mark Brown, art instructor at Jones, said. “All the work must be totally original.”
Bryce Speed, painting instructor at the University of Alabama, judged the competition.  
Speed has judged seven other art competitions in the past. However, this was his first statewide college competition. 
“You always want to recognize the work that has gone into the pieces that you are  
 seeing,” Speed said.  
The closing reception and awards presentation was held April 1 at 10 a.m. Each  
category had a first, second and third place winner, as well as several honorable mentions. The competition also included one winner for the overall best of show.  

by Shannon Barbin

MCCAIA Awards by Category Best in Show 
Darryn Coney, Bessie, SMCC 

Painting/Mixed Media: 

1st: Mandy Zhang, Brick #2, Holmes Ridgeland 
2nd: Theresa Ho, Nightscape, Holmes Ridgeland 
3rd: Mia Cossin, Cooper Dyes His Hair, ICC 
HM: Theresa Ho, Bricked, Holmes Ridgeland 
Why Hewitt, Cupcake, NWCC 

1st: Kaitlin Stegall, Plum Tea, ICC 
2nd: Jamiah Smith, Decoy, Hinds/Raymond 
3rd: Bryanna Davidson, Teeth, Jones 
HM: Carly McInnis, Untitled, Jones 
Aryn Cox, The Backyard, Jones 
Peyton Barr, Self-Portrait, NWCC 
Colton Miller, Converse Desktop, Co-Lin 
Rebekah Lawless, Untitled 2, Jones 
Megan Jeter, Self-Portrait, NWCC 
Ella Bowen, Paper Bag, EMCC Golden Triangle 
Kaitlin Stegall, Caleb’s Sunset, ICC 
2D Design: 
1st: Peyton Barr, Gas Masks/Emphasis, NWCC 
2nd: Peyton Barr, Balance, NWCC 
3rd: Olivia Reed, Self-Portrait, MGCCC 
HM: Megan Jeter, Untitled, NWCC 
Mia Coggin, Eye, Eye, Captive, ICC 
Colton Miller, Local/Expressive Color, Co-Lin 
Erin Gullet, Globes on Table, Hinds 
Catherine Milford, Void, Holmes 
Quinton Chapman, Untitled, Jones 
Inya Kirkland, Excitement, Hinds/Raymond 
3D Design: 
1st: Carly McInnis, Untitled, Jones 
2nd: Peyton Barr, Surveillance System, NWCC 
3rd: Alissa Ladner, Linear Design Project, Co-Lin 
HM: Elliana Parker, Patterned Gogh, ICC 
Hailey Hardy, Bumpy Ride, East Central CC 
Digital/Computer Art: 
1st: Brian Lummus, November Prince, Meridian 
2nd: Colton Miller, The Great Daltoni, Co-Lin 
3rd: Viskiyya Muhammed, Viskiyya, Meridian 
HM: Gabby Ladd, Social Medusa, Co-Lin 
1st: Nicolas Boerema, Spake Motion, Hinds 
2nd: Anwar Alhanshaly, Peace and Quiet, Hinds 
3rd: Nicolas Boerema, Revelry, Hinds 
HM: Nicolas Boerema, Heaven Wave, Hinds 
Anwar Alhanshaly, Antique Boutique, Hinds 
1st: Colton Miller, Oscar, Co-Lin 
2nd: Honor Brown, Grammy, EMCC Golden Triangle 
3rd: Ella Bowen, Honey, EMCC Golden Triangle 
HM: Sarah Barnes, Butterflies, EMCC Golden Triangle 
1st: Gabby Ladd, Chaos and Serenity, Co-Lin 
2nd: Morgan Rogillio, Crystal Turquoise Bowl, Hinds/Raymond 
3rd: Katherine Witsberger, Like Blades of Grass Returning, Hinds 
HM: Drew Winter, Brainstorm, Hinds 

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