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Tornados devastate Bobcat community

On Easter Sunday, Jones County and surrounding areas were hit hard with an EF-4 tornado that destroyed hundreds of homes and property, leaving Mississippians in complete and total shock. Many Jones students and faculty were impacted, with some losing everything.

Faculty members Cheryl Windham and Megan stringer are currently living in Anderson Hall due to the loss of their homes. Jones President Dr. Jesse Smith took a work crew to help with clean up while several churches and other organizations in the community are providing shelter, clothing and food during this time. More storms continue to hit, with lots of flooding happening in Hattiesburg. This past week, another tornado touched down destroying more property and chicken houses.

While COVID-19 is still a concern, and Gov. Tate Reeves extended the shelter-in-place order, Dr. Smith confirms that he and his staff are remaining safe and following all CDC rules and guidelines. If students and faculty are in need of additional help, or anyone is able to volunteer to help those less fortunate, please talk to the American Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, Salvation Army or Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. There are also several other local churches and organizations throughout the state providing help and relief during this recovery.

by Tori Ellis