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Tutoring services now available for spring semester

As students start settling in to their new spring schedules, some may begin to feel the pressures of upcoming tests and homework. But not to worry, the Jones library is offering free tutoring services to students in need.

All core subjects, including english, biology, chemistry, algebra and physics, will be included in these tutoring services, as well as private tutoring for individuals. All students have to do to ensure help is simply make an appointment online by going to www.jcjc.edu, click on “library” at the bottom of the page and then click on “tutoring.”

Walk-ins are welcome and should follow the schedule listed below for proper days and times of offered tutoring.


Missie Meeks-English/Essays

Jones Hall Room 216

Tuesday 1:30-2:30

Wednesday 1:30-2:30

Thursday 1:30-2:30


Megan Stringer-Biology/A&P/Microbiology

Thomas Harris Science Room 104

Monday 1:00-3:00

Wednesday 1:00-3:00


J. McEwen-Chemistry

King Chemistry Room 120

Monday 4:00-5:00

Thursday 12:45-1:15 and 2:30-4:00


Kimberly Bradshaw-Algebra

Stringer Huff Math Room 222

Tuesday 1:10-2:40

Thursday 1:10-2:40


Mary Boleware-Physics

Thomas Harris Science Room 105

Monday 1:00-3:00

Wednesday 1:00-3:00

by Tori Ellis


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