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5G Technology makes an impact on society

Verizon has invested billions of dollars into conducting tests for “fifth generation” technology. 5G technology is slowly in the works according to Verizon. Unlike 4G, “fourth generation,” 5G will provide fast web browsing speed and easier accessibility. With this advancement in technology comes a few downsides online. Privacy and signal distance are what investors are worried about.

Steve Bellovin, a professor of computer science, sat with Wall Street Journal writer Matthew Kassel to explain concerns about the new technology. With 5G technology, the signal range is decreased with the increase in data speed. Decreasing the range will require more cell towers to be built. “5G signals in the U.S. will have a very short range and won’t easily go through buildings. This means there need to be many more cell towers,” said Bellovin.

However, with the increase of cell towers, the possibility of the phone being tracked increases. “The main way that a cellphone tells where you are is which tower are you connected to. Today’s towers have a radius of about a mile. If the new towers cover a much smaller area, it means that they know much more precisely where you are,” said Dr. Bellovin.

Advancements in technology will require more regulations on carriers, such as Verizon and AT&T. Although the advancements will allow for a faster speed, concerns on privacy will always remain a discussed issue.

by Hannah Morgan



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