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Be careful of what is posted on social media

Since the dawn of social media, people have expressed their opinions online. These opinions can range from little things like food to more serious posts about individuals or workplaces. Most don’t think about the possible consequences of even the smallest social media post. Everything posted and shared on the internet could affect futures.  

Social media is by no means private. It may seem that way, but a simple search can bring up posts from the past that may be embarrassing. These statuses could possibly cause things like the loss of friendships, relationships, jobs and more. Now is the time to clean up social media accounts and start thinking about what is posted.  

Instead of mindlessly posting something on Facebook or Instagram, think about it first. Future employers will be looking. Everything said and posted could show up later in life, and you could lose a job opportunity even 30 years down the road. It won’t matter that it was posted in high school or college. It only matters that it was posted at all. 

by Baylee Walter



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