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Boxes of assorted chocolate are overrated

As Valentine’s day approaches, many lovebirds are under pressure to find the perfect gift for their significant other. A quick trip to Walmart turns into hours of peering into the red and pink decorated aisles, trying to stick to a budget while still showing their bae that they care.

A heart-shaped box of assorted chocolate is about $10, and it seems like a sensible gift for any candy lover. However, many individuals don’t care for most of the chocolate that comes with the assortment. Most people pick out the chocolate-caramels and leave behind three-quarters of the rest, including coconut cream and orange chocolate, which is not a good combination.

Instead of spending your hard-earned wages on a box of assorted chocolates that will end up going to waste, Valentine gift givers should consider opting for a more practical gift, such as a stuffed animal or an iTunes giftcard. Or, visit The Grill on campus for a romantic hamburger dinner with your college sweetheart.

by Jennah Eddins


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