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Desert X art exhibit taking place for the third year.

Modern art has become a staple in the lives of current teens. For the third year in a row, 16 artists from all over the world are able to showcase their masterpieces in Southern California’s Coachella Valley in a section deemed “Desert X.”  Susan Davis, the founder of the project, believes that this event will help bring to light the environmental issues that the area is facing. One artist, Sherin Guirguis, designed a beehive-like structure for birds that also offers a perspective on conservation for the birds in the region.

Those who oppose “Desert X” believe that it is where artists go to “dump” their art, making it into a wasteland, which they believe is hurting the environment more than helping it. However, Neville Wakefield, founder of an art exhibit in the Swiss Alps, explains that “contrary to the notion that the desert is a wasteland and you can do anything you want, it’s actually quite regulated.

The artists’ projects begin on Feb. 9, and by April 21 they will leave no mark identifying that they were there. All of the materials each artists use are biodegradable, and if not they have to take them down manually.

by Hannah Morgan


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