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Does protest help or hurt a cause?

In recent years, when an event takes place that many Americans view unfair or they are unhappy with, public protest is a general reaction. It definitely grabs attention of citizens who may not know what or why people are protesting, but does protesting for a cause actually do any good?

In many cases, peaceful public protest most definitely benefits a cause. It allows the cause’s name to get out there, and if it sparks interest in the people, they can research the cause and decide for themselves whether they are for or against it.

“Peaceful” is a key player in public protest. If a violent protest takes place, it can make the cause appear violent, and people will be much more hesitant to inquire about the cause. Much like sit-ins that took place during the Civil Rights Movement, these protests got people talking.

Whenever a protest takes place, research what or why an issue is being protested. This could allow exponential growth in knowledge about significant social issues being broadcasted every day.

by Jordan Butler


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