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Involved students illuminate institutions

As the spring semester comes into full swing at Jones College, with it comes a plethora of responsibilities and obligations. Returning to school can affect people in many ways: some prepare for the stress of exams, some are grateful to return to a campus where they feel at home and others find ways to balance both school and a job. Free time in a collegiate environment is hard to come by. However, if free time is available, one should undoubtedly consider campus involvement.

Campus involvement is an excellent way to destress, become part of a community or simply become more engaged in college life. When many students first enter college, they may feel extremely lonely or isolated. Becoming part of an organization on campus is a great way to lessen these emotions and even make friends.

Campus involvement can also sometimes even offer scholarships. With organizations like the Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa, students have the potential to excel both socially and academically.

Whether one wants to network, expand interests, have fun or simply improve his or her own success, campus involvement is always a great choice. A study at Cal State Sacramento proved that those involved on campus had higher GPAs and graduation rates than those students who were not involved according to collegiateparent.com. Jones College offers many organizations that are incredible ways to contribute both to the school and one’s own personal interests.

by Jordan Butler 

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