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JCJC students love to snack!

College students are known to snack. In fact, some students snack so much that the Freshman 15 comes for them. I asked JCJC students what their favorite snacks were. Here are the top 10 responses.

10. Rice Krispies Treats-Kellogg’s classic treat is an easy to grab-on-the-go when heading to class. The crisp rice and marshmallow make it an enjoyable snack for any time of the day.  

9. Pizza rolls- Totino’s bite-sized pockets make an excellent snack to grab while studying. All a person needs is a microwave, and they’ve got a great bite-sized food to fulfill their hunger.  

8. Blueberry muffins- The JCJC coffee shops on campus sell the easy to get muffins. Use your flex dollars or your own money to purchase the sweet breakfast or anytime food. 

7. Beef Jerky- This tough meaty snack is reached for when a protein craving comes along. This snack can be found in a variety of flavors from many different brands.

6. Mac n Cheese cups- This pasta dish can be found in small cups that can be cooked in microwaves. This is a perfect dorm snack or meal. All you need is three-and-a-half minutes and a microwave.

5. Little Debbie Cakes- This one is a bit broad, but the brand offers loads of options. Zebra cakes, fudge rounds, and cosmic brownies are some of the most popular ones on campus.  

4. Fruit- Students all over campus choose to eat a fruity snack. Bananas, grapes, apple sauce, and other fruits were chosen instead of packaged foods. It’s good to know that JCJC students like to eat healthy.

3. Cookies- These treats are easy to grab out of a package and are sold in the JCJC coffee shops. They are quick and easy to eat.  If you want something slower, enjoy a few with a glass of milk.

2. Chocolate- Our number two snack is chocolate. Students all over love a good candy bar when going to class or relaxing.  Reese’s, Snickers, Twix bars and even a regular Hershey’s bar are loved all over campus.  

1. Chips- The number one spot goes to chips. Students, including myself, are drawn to the many different flavors, styles, and textures of this treat. It’s easy to mindlessly grab a bag and snack while studying and hanging out with friends.  

Students on the JCJC campus love to snack. If you’re in need of a new snack item, consider picking one on this list. If you want to get fun with your snacks, consider mixing them. I hear chocolate and regular potato chips together are good.  

by Baylee Walter 

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