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Mississippi teacher pay raise is not enough

Recently, a bill was signed into law that would give Mississippi teachers a $1500 pay raise over the next three years. This bill was designed to push up the average teacher pay to closer reflect the southeast average. However, it’s not enough.

In a tweet from Governor Phil Bryant’s account, he said, “Good teachers can change the trajectory of a student’s life forever.” This is true, but they don’t have that ability if they can’t pay for the materials their classroom needs.

Many teachers are forced to pay for the school supplies needed for their classrooms. Paper, pencils, notebooks and more can be expensive when bought in the large quantities needed for groups of students.

“We are angry. Our Educators are angry. Every Mississippian should be angry,” said Joyce Helmick who works for the Mississippi Association of Educators. “Why can’t this state’s elected leaders truly commit to invest in our educators?”

Without trained teachers, this world’s youth doesn’t succeed as it should. Teachers should be paid fairly to compensate for the hard work they put in for Mississippi’s youth.

by Baylee Walter

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