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Religious gatherings grow more dangerous

Religion plays a huge part in many people’s lives, but just like all things, it’s possible to become so invested that we hurt others around us. The actions that some religious people are engaging in at the moment are greatly affecting the deaths and infections of many due to COVID-19. Nearly a fifth of church goers are still attending services despite the pandemic.

It appears that many officials are scared to tread on religion for fear of the backlash, but anybody who chooses inaction and allows people to infect each other knowingly should be held responsible for that.

Religion is important and everyone has a right to worship, but public worship has now become dangerous, and everyone needs to realize and understand so that communities can all respect each other and keep as many people safe as possible. There are steps that can be taken to ensure safety while still participating in religious services. For instance, churches that are providing streaming services online are doing the right thing.

One should not feel guilty for missing church. Everyone who is not going is doing the right thing, and if people do continue to go to church in the midst of a pandemic, the dangers will soon be understood.
by Corey Blue 

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