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Saudi women head to see the game

The new year has brought about many changes in Saudi Arabia. Many of the provisions that have been put into effect are designed to expand the rights and privileges of women. Saudi Arabia is a sovereign Arab State that is heavily conservative. The Arab kingdom prohibits women from traveling outside of their country, opening a bank account or getting married without permission from the men in their family. In an effort to minimize unfair gender separation laws, women were recently allowed to attend their first soccer match. Although the female soccer fans were segregated from male spectators, this event signaled a remarkable moment in history for Saudi Arabian women.

As many strict rules continue to be lifted, the women of Saudi Arabia are delighted and overjoyed with these actions by the Muslim government. While the government of the Arabian kingdom works to implement new acts that create a more modern society for females, the future for women continues to look promising.


by Py’necious Cowart

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