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Save the internet as we know it

The internet is facing a huge issue. Net neutrality is dying, and that can make things difficult for everyday internet users. What exactly is happening? The Federal Communications Commission proposed in May of 2017 that the U.S. return to “the bipartisan, light touch regulatory framework under which a free and open internet flourished for almost twenty years.” This will pull back the regulations made by the Obama administration to keep the major ISPs from controlling the internet. This new proposal moves it from a Title II regulation to a Title I.

What will this new proposal do? This new plan will allow internet service providers like Comcast and AT&T to monopolize and control internet speeds. Users will have to buy packages for things like streaming services and social media. This will make things difficult for up and coming entrepreneurs and innovators. They will have to pay major money out of pocket to get their ideas working.

What can we do? Internet-loving people can contact their representatives in Congress and ask them to vote no on December 14. There are sites like Resist Both, Stance and others that will give a script to read so the message will come across easily. Voting no will save the internet that we have now. The internet is in danger, but we can save it if we try hard enough.

by Baylee Walter


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