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Self-care is important in college

It’s no surprise that college students have a lot on their plate. Between studying, homework, jobs, family and more, taking care of themselves can often get neglected. This can become a problem due to the importance of self-care.

For a college student, practicing self-care can be as little as grabbing a water bottle instead of an energy drink, going for a walk to relax or eating a piece of fruit instead of a cookie. These actions may be small, but they can quickly make someone feel better.

On the Jones College campus, there are several ways to practice self-care. There is a counselor to help with mental health issues. The cafeteria offers a salad bar so you can grab a bowl of yogurt and fruit instead of ice cream. There’s a walking trail that can be used to take a break from the books and recharge.

Students not taking care of themselves can lead to burn-out and stress. Instead of letting the stress consume you, take some time to care for yourself. It will lift spirits and help the body too.

by Baylee Walter


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