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Social Media causes more harm than good

Over the years, social media has blossomed. It has given people a gateway to the entire world, but is this a good thing? While it may seem harmless, this unsupervised accessibility could allow people with ulterior motives to access users’ information freely.

Based on information from the Pew Research Center, 71% of all social media users use Facebook. Facebook lets its users post statuses, pictures, and have an unlimited amount of friends. Based on several surveys, the average user has 329 friends and updates his or her status eight times a day. These actions may seem trivial, but these actions could open the door to dangerous circumstances, such as stalking.

Social media can also cause mental and emotional damage. Studies from the University of Missouri show that Facebook could be linked to depression and anxiety. Social media has also been proven to be an addictive habit to participants. Facebook alone has 1.2 billion users every month which is about 40 million daily users. This means anyone on the internet has access to fellow users across the world. Does that sound safe?

by Ge’Randall Horne

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