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We have to save the planet from global warming

Whether or not people want to accept it, one thing is for certain: global warming is real, and it is having a staggering effect on the Earth. The past five years have been the warmest on record, and it definitely has not gone unnoticed.

Why? Since the start of industrialization, carbon dioxide levels have increased tremendously, and we are the only ones at fault.

While climate change is not talked about enough, it has become a much bigger discussion within the last year. Many are talking about the rapidly melting ice caps, some complain about the swiftly changing temperature, and no one can forget about the arctic shock the entire country received recently. Chicago recorded temperatures as cold and colder than those detected in Antarctica. Need we say more?

So what’s the solution? We certainly don’t have a time machine to undo the damage that has already been done. As a society, we must become more aware of the effects we have on our planet. Simple steps such as recycling can have a massive impact on how we treat our planet. Increased awareness of our carbon dioxide usage and different solutions to cut down on this production could help alleviate an inevitable catastrophe due to global warming.

by Jordan Butler

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