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What do you believe?

The College Republicans on campus set up outside of the JCJC cafeteria Monday, Sept. 25, 2017 to ask students what they believed on a few current topics. Border security, taxes, gun control, and abortion were a few among the lineup.

Although the club name may sound misleading and the topic options may seem biased, many Republican students were shocked to learn that they had more Democratic views on border security and abortion. Similarly, many Democratic students found that they had more conservative beliefs regarding taxes and gun control.

It is easy to remain partial to one side or the other without having any doubt if both sides aren’t seen side by side. It is imperative to ask oneself, “What do I believe?” rather than “What should I believe?”. That being said, do you believe in lower taxes and mental health background checks before buying guns? You may have more Republican beliefs. If you believe in more relaxed laws on abortion and immigration, you may have more Democratic ideologies. However, it is important to understand that not everyone is 100 percent Republican or 100 percent Democrat.

by Alyssa Pearce

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