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Women should receive equality

Today’s society demoralizes and deters women in most of their endeavors. In the past, women were treated like property. A woman’s job opportunities were limited or nonexistent. Women were expected to be housewives and nothing more.

While the severity of discrimination against women has decreased, many of the same factors still exist today. Statistics show a significant difference in women and men’s salaries, with women’s salaries substantially lower. Why should a woman be paid less for doing the exact same job as a man?

Discrimination also occurs in specific occupations and activities. Women are often discouraged to pursue careers such as mechanics and construction; if they do receive a job in one of these careers, they are often degraded or abused. Likewise, women are frowned upon if they participate in men-dominated activities such as football and baseball.

Are women and men treated equally? My answer is no. Women are frequently treated unfairly simply because of their gender. Women have equal intelligence and for the most part, equal ability as men. Therefore, women should be allowed the same opportunities as men.

by Marla Parker


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