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Bobcats win against Southwest

Jones College men and women’s soccer teams played Southwest last week. The first half scorers were Mikayla Banks, JC sophomore, with one goal, Aimee Durn, JC sophomore, with three, Esmeralda Figueroa, JC freshman, with one, Rachel Barnaby, JC freshman, with two, Emily Riley, JC freshman, with one and Allie James, JC freshman, with one. This left the game 9-0.

In the last quarter Barnaby made a goal during a free kick and Ariceli Figueroa, JC freshman, also scored. Southwest scored twice making the game 11-2. The last goal was from Lady Bobcat Zakiah Almatrood, JC sophomore. The final score was 12-2. This leaves them being ranked 16 with the record of 5-0.

The men’s game started off the complete opposite of the Lady Bobcats. The first quarter ended 0-0. The second half began with a score from Southwest. Thomas Carlile, JC sophomore, then scored twice making it 2-1. Malachi Harrison, JC freshman, with the assist from Carlile, scored a goal, making it 3-1. The score remained the same leading the Bobcats to win the game 3-1. This made a streak of 6 straight wins for the men, with their record being 9-1.

Both the Lady Bobcats and Men Bobcats ended their games with a strong and well-played win. They both will play at Mississippi Gulf Coast on Tuesday. The ladies at 5 p.m and the men at 7 p.m.

by Hannah Chaffee

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