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Jones College sets guidelines during pandemic

Things are looking a little different on the Bobcat campus this semester. Faculty and staff are taking every precaution to ensure students’ safety as they achieve a higher education. 

Kolby Mitchell, a freshman at Jones, seems optimistic about this year despite the changes. He said he understood why the college was taking precautions, including delaying optional on-campus attendance for one month for most academic students. “They moved our classes back for a reason, to keep us safe,” he said.

Jones College introduced the use of a program called Hyflex, a learning application that promotes safe social distancing. Students do schoolwork online with the opportunity to meet in person on certain days if needed. The instructors reach out to students weekly about upcoming assignments and are quick to answer any questions students have via email. 

As an incoming freshman, Mitchell said that he’s somewhat sad he is missing out on minute things that go along with the “college experience.” He also said that he sometimes stresses about completing schoolwork, but he wanted to offer a word of advice to fellow classmates. 

“Take your time. Don’t stress yourself. School comes first but know your own pace,” he said.

Jones College sophomore athlete Jackson Delk plays for the Jones basketball team and said that things are looking different for this year’s season. 

“Last year’s season started in October, but this year we are looking at January,” Delk said.

Delk said small groups of athletes will come in to work out, and he also practices in his own time at a local gym. He explained that he was completely understanding of the new regulations and knows that all of it is necessary. Delk also praised the faculty and staff.

 “The teachers and (Jones President) Jesse Smith are doing everything they can to keep us safe, especially with the input of health screening stations,” Delk said.

Each time a student comes on campus, he/she is required to be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and temperature. This extra precaution helps to ensure the safety of students and faculty alike, as Jones employees must also go through the screening procedures.

  Delk said for students currently feeling out of place with the changes, “It’s all going to be okay; life will get back to normal soon if we follow CDC guidelines.”

 Although change can sometimes be hard, Jones employees and students seem prepared to come together and complete a great semester.

by Ashton May, Features Editor

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