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Jones offers final farewells to sophomores

Last week marked the final week of classes for Jones students this semester.  For the sophomore class, it marked the last week of class at Jones as a whole.

Parting with Jones College and the friendships made proved to be sweet sorrow for many leaving, but the end does not have to be a time of worry or sadness.

To congratulate those who are moving on, Jones College held several events to celebrate those who have achieved academic greatness and to give sophomores a chance to say their final farewells.  Thursday night, April 25, marked the night of the Academic Excellence Banquet for the top students at Jones.

“It felt great being among the intelligent students that were recognized for academic achievement while at JC; receiving a medal and pin to prove that our hard work was indeed not in vain.  All the parents were excited to celebrate these achievements,” said Precious Cowart, an Academic Excellence-recognized sophomore.

The Sophomore Lunch at the Student Plaza was held Friday at 11:30 a.m. and was immediately followed by graduation practice at 12:30.

Returning sophomore Harrison Walley said, “Honestly, I like that we have the lunch because it shows a sense of care to the college and students, and it is a sort of farewell to those who are not coming back, and it is a sort of validation to those who are coming back.”

Even though there are many students who are getting ready to leave Jones and venture into their futures, there will always be love for them from the school and its people.

by Alyssa Pearce

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